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Z-CoiL changes lives with revolutionary footwear technology. Each pair features open or enclosed replaceable springs in the heel and a built-in orthotic. The result is 50% impact reduction while providing increased foot support and stability. Like shock-absorbers for the body, Z-CoiL’s enable you to walk, run, and stand for hours in comfort. They are extraordinary comfort shoes!

Extraordinary comfort

Stop for tea, not for your feet

Get back into life

Put a spring in your step

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Women's shoes

Open or enclosed: it is your choice to show your springs...

Men's Shoes

Breathable mesh or full leather styles...

How it works

Built in orthotic

The Z-Orthotic is a rigid foundation built into every Z-CoiL extending from the ball of the foot to the heel. It works by mirroring the shape of your foot which equalizes pressure across your bottom of your foot, reducing fatigue and pressure points. Equally important the Z-Orthotic supports your plantar ligaments. You will notice improved posture, stability and confidence in each step.

Spring heel

A conical, carbon steel coil greatly reduces the rate of impact absorbed at heel-strike. Tests performed by the US Department of Energy show the spring heel reduces impact by 60% more than conventional shoes. Your whole body will love the Z-CoiL Spring.  

The spring never stops working but when the tread eventually wears out, you can simply replace the whole heel unit saving money and reducing waste.

Half rocker forefoot

The rocker bottom sole in the forefoot assists your foot during toe-off. A built-in flex line in the ball of the foot encourages a natural bending motion during toe-off. An extra thick forefoot and extra wide toe box dramatically relieve pressure on forefoot/metatarsal joints when walking and standing.

The combination of Conical Spring, Z-Orthotic, Forefoot Rocker and ¾ inch forefoot cushioning protects and comforts your foot.

Changed my life

Walk your dog, go on a holiday, play with the kids, get back to work .....don't let your feet stop you from living.

Best shoes for travel

Which are the best shoes to take on your travels? What to look for when purchasing socks. What is plantar fasciitis? 

Comfort accessories

Z-CoiL comfort socks, made from bamboo

Our Comfort Socks are designed for all-day comfort. Designed with extra padding at the toe and the heel, these comfort socks are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and EXCEPTIONALLY soft.  They have just enough elastic so they will never bunch under-foot. The primary ingredient is Rayon which is processed from bamboo fiber.

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custom arch insole designed for Z-CoiL shoes
Z-Fit Custom Arch Insoles

Easily customise your built-in-orthotic with our Z-Fit Insole. Simply detach and replace with the appropriate support: low, medium or high. Each foot setting can be different. By properly supporting your arch, you reduce the risk of long-term foot issues and dramatically increase your comfort level. 

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Thank you for selling me the best shoes ever. 

Anne Sanders, WA

After being in a head on collision 20 years ago I ended up with some muscular skeletal problems and found walking difficult because of limping and increasing pain. Not only have Springy Feet and their Z-Coil's given me the best comfort but have reduced limping and pain.

Ken Plozza, VIC

ankle fusion and bone transplant. these shoes gave me instant pain relief. Nikki was fantastic with her customer service. I can not recommend these high enough.

Sonya Ramos, VIC

I'm loving these shoes and socks!!!! My Plantar Fasciitis is now cured and my Morton's Neuroma is not activated by my springy feet hikers and fucia runners at all.
I'm walking kilometres per day now and and am so grateful that these shoes have been invented and that you have brought them to Australia.

Jenny Maughan, WA

After 3 years of podiatry & physio to come across Nikki M (springy feet) the Z-Coil's have enabled me to pretty much do what I want without pain . Soooo Grateful to Nikki for spending the time to help me with "My Left Foot" 

Trevor Harvey, WA

After 11 years with a torn hip joint and avoiding surgery, Z Coil are the only shoes I can wear without being in pain. After an hour in my normal sneakers with expensive orthotics I experience quite severe pain in my hip. I now have 4 pairs and they are all I wear. I can walk my dog everyday and am pain free. They have saved my life.​

Sarah Draper, WA

After having an ankle fusion I found the z coil work boots to be excellent for long hrs at work and can comfortably walk 10km+ in hard terrain with no issues 3.5 months post op. I just purchased the hikers to enjoy the outdoors, springy feet have been a pleasure to purchase from.​

Ben Forster, WA

the shoes have been the best purchase. not only very comfortable but pain free achillies. can't rave enough​

Mark Stilling, WA

I've been fortunate enough to buy many good things throughout my life but one of the greatest and most valuable towards good health and comfort are these spring shoes and sandals and to-date I've blessed the day I found them.​

Anthony Menchetti, WA