Z-CoiL Product Q & A

Active people who need extremely comfortable, supportive shoes. Anyone on their feet all day and/or required to work on hard surfaces. Nurses, doctors, teachers, chefs, caterers, retail assistants, security guards, farmers, athletes whose feet need recovery time... Most people who try Z-CoiLs cannot believe the comfort and relief they experience when they wear their Z-CoiLs.​ Check out our testimonials

Most people get used to wearing the footwear right away. Others may take several hours or even a couple of days to adjust to the extraordinary feeling of the shoes. If this is the case, we suggest you wear your Z-CoiL shoes for a few hours each day at first, and gradually increase that time until you feel used to them.

It is also normal to experience some soreness in your legs during the first few weeks of wearing Z-CoiL shoes, due to the increased mobility they provide. If you have any comfort or fit issues with your Z-CoiLs don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes! Many customers report that they actually feel more stable in their Z-CoiL footwear than in regular shoes. The coil in the heel is cone-shaped, and so it compresses straight down, following the line of least resistance rather than tipping. ​

Small rocks or loose materials may occasionally get caught in the coil, but they should be easy to remove with a simple shake. We do recommend caution around cords, wires, hoses, and chairs with rungs, which may catch in the coil.

What goes in will come out. Gravel may get crunched between the coils and then it is even easier for the small pieces to shake out.

Z-CoiL makes an Enclosed Heel System™(ECS) that comes standard with the Prime Work Boot and Outback Safety Toe styles. The Enclosed Heels can be fitted on to any of the Z-CoiL shoes. The Enclosed Heels are designed to address workplace safety concerns, in environments where objects are more likely to get caught in an open coil. The molded foam material that encases the coil slows the speed at which the coil compresses, which dampens its shock-absorbing capabilities to some degree, although a stiffer coil also proves useful when a person is picking up heavy objects. At first, many people are taken aback by the appearance of our shoes; however, those who put them on and experience extreme comfort soon see them in a different light!​

Yes, but be careful not to let the floor mat or pedals catch on the coil. Also be aware that the shoes thick cushioning may reduce your feel for the pedals. You may need to move your seat back an inch or so to compensate for the thickness of the forefoot cushioning. If you feel unsafe driving in your Z-CoiL footwear, wear other shoes.

Our customers have reported using their Z-CoiL shoes for walking, running, hiking, golf, and more, although we do not recommend them for sports that involve significant lateral movement, like tennis. You need to be the judge of how Z-CoiL products will work for you. Many people have been able to become more active and get back in the game because of their Z-CoiL footwear.

Yes the shoes are not recommended for use on ladders because of the half-rocker forefoot. 

The steel coils can last a lifetime, though the rubber heel pad will probably last between six months and two years with normal use. People who put their Z-CoiL footwear to hard use may wear through the pad faster, while those who go easy on their footwear have been known to wear them for several years. Fortunately, even if the heel pad does wear out, there's no need to buy a new pair of shoes. The coil/heel pad assembly can easily be replaced. 

By comparison, most running or comfort shoes with EVA or gel-based soles have a life of 200 miles or 3 months, at which time their cushioning is reduced by 50%.

If you live in Perth, Western Australia you can contact Springy Feet and you may be able to visit us in Winthrop. Contact us at hello@springyfeet.com.au or call 0411022953.

Otherwise you must order via the website but don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries before you put your order in. We love helping people find their perfect shoe match! 

Not at all. The Z-CoiL heel, when uncompressed, is only about an inch higher than the cushioned forefoot. However when you add pressure to the heel when walking or standing, the heel compresses significantly. When walking the heel is level or just slightly higher than the forefoot. This minimal heel rise is beneficial to most people, helping them achieve a healthier, more erect standing posture.​

Z-CoiL Footwear is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where the products are designed and engineered. Z-CoiLs are manufactured in South Korea.

Not all socks are equal. Check out this article on what to look for when purchasing socks. Or try our Z-CoiL socks to feel the difference.

No. You jump from the ball of your foot, not the heel. But you will land softer​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sizing, Fit, Orthotics

There are many ways you can adjust your shoes to achieve a perfect fit for you.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are having trouble getting the perfect fit.

Z-CoiL does not make half sizes. Instead all Z-CoiL Footwear ship with an extra 3mm insert that makes up 1/2 size. For example if you wear a size 7.5 you would buy a Z-CoiL size 8. Simply add the 3mm insert below the primary insole and you will be walking in style. 

You certainly can. In fact, Z-CoiL footwear makes an ideal footbed for custom orthotics. Z-CoiL footwear is engineered with a built-in orthotic so it serves as a excellent support for your custom orthotic. Many people find they don't need a custom orthotic in Z-CoiL's. ​Try them both ways. About 80 percent of wearers are able to rely on the built in Z-Orthotic alone; 20 percent continue to use their separate orthotic in their Z-CoiL shoes. 

No problem. Z-CoiL shoes have an incredibly supportive in-built orthotic. In fact the shoe is built around it. If you have a very high or very flat arch you should consider purchasing the Z-Fit Custom Arch Insole.

All of the lace shoes can be adjusted with a lace lock to hold the shoe more firmly. The Toffler clog style is designed for easy on and off and you heel will slip in and out of the shoe as you walk. 

Contact Springy Feet on 0404877006 or sales@springyfeet.com.au for instructions.

Shipping policy

Springy Feet only sells Z-CoiLs within Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside of Australia or New Zealand please visit www.zcoil.com

Springy Feet uses Australia Post's Express Post for all shoe orders. Most customers receive their shoe orders within 3 working days from placing their order. Boots however, particularly to regional parts of Australia, may take a little longer to arrive because of the size of the box and the distance they have to travel. We are still trialling different courier companies for the boots. It could take up to 2 weeks to get your boots if you live in regional Australia. We can send boots Express Post if we take them out of the box and bubble wrap them instead. Just make a note with the order if you would prefer this option because you want your boots FAST. 


email: returns@springyfeet.com.au

Springy Feet offers a trial period of 30-days so you can be sure Z-CoiL is for you. We ask that you wear them during your regular schedule everyday. If you don't enjoy wearing them, return in used condition for a full refund. Click here to read more: Risk-Free, 30-Day Trial Period.

You are responsible for the cost of the return postage. Please email returns@springyfeet.com.au to indicate your intention to return the shoes. As long as the shoes were purchased from Springy Feet and it is within the 30 day trial period, the shoes can be in any condition. Please return them in their original packing and with all the original components. 


Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later.

You need to have downloaded the Afterpay App and create an account.


Step 1. Remove the insole from each shoe.

Step 2. Below the insole is a "trap door." Lift up the door and tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Use caution not to strip the screw. If your springs continue to become loose you can add a non permanent thread locker to the screw.

​ VIDEO How to tighten your springs.

Easy. See here.


The actual spring coil is covered by a lifetime defect warranty. Please note this does not cover wear on the heel-pad. Any malfunction or defect in the workmanship of the footwear is covered by Z-CoiLs Limited 90 Day Workmanship Warranty. That is 90 days from purchase date. This does not include normal wear and tear. Your footwear is covered for 90 days after purchase. We will repair the Z-CoiL Footwear if there is a minor malfunction at no cost. If the problem cannot be repaired, we will replace your footwear for no additional cost. Please email sales@springyfeet.com.au with a photo and description of the malfunctioning or defective footwear. You must have the original sales receipt from Springy Feet to be eligible for this warranty. ​​

There is a lifetime warranty on the actual springs. Note this does not cover wear on the heel-pad. When the heel-pad has worn significantly you can replace the heel unit. You can shop replaceable heels.

Springy Feet Q & A

Thanks for your question. Yes the shoes are great. The main thing when ordering online is to consider the size-guide on the website. It is true that in-store we can do custom fitting and that would be ideal. However 80% of customers do not need any adjustments because the shoes as set are very accomodating to most issues. In particular this is true of all the styles with laces. I have helped many customers in NSW, VIC and QLD. I can help by email or over the phone customers make any adjustments required. Make sure you use the notes section when placing an order if there is something such as severe pronation or please call me to discuss a complicated issue. Sometimes a quick phone call or email describing the issues is all that is required. On occasion, customers have sent me photos or a short video to help - either before or after they have received their shoes. In the United States more than 80% of all Z-CoiL shoes are now sold on-line. The 30 day free-trial also gives you peace of mind, that the shoes can be returned if they do not work for your mother.

Nikki experienced first hand the relief and joy from wearing Z-CoiLs. Springy Feet was started in November 2016 to spread the joy of wearing these amazing shoes in Australia and New Zealand. 

That's Leon, our Moodle. He arrived in our family around the time we started Springy Feet. You might get to meet him if you come for a custom fitting in East Fremantle or to a pop up store.


Springy Feet ceased being a registered provider to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for Personal Mobility Equipment in Australia on 1 June 2021. However, you may still be able to purchase our shoes through your NDIS plan.

Please talk to your plan manager about your allowance for Personal Mobility Equipment.

Z-CoiL shoes are classified as Low Cost Assistive Technology. Funding for Low Cost AT in your NDIS Plan is included under your Core Budget and myPortal under ‘Low Cost AT’.  The simplest way is to purchase the shoes and fill in the necessary paperwork for a reimbursement through your plan. In some cases you may need to get your GP or podiatrist to endorse the purchase.

Item name on your application: Footwear

NDIS AT & Consumables Code name: Daily Adaptive Equipment

Support Category: Consumables

Line item number: 03_131_0103_1_1

Service Booking number: Self-Managed

Supplier: Springy Feet (no longer a registered NDIS supplier)

Springy Feet Defence Discount

Springy Feet has joined forces with Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) to offer all current and former ADF personnel and their direct family members 15% DISCOUNT in store and / or online.

For instant access to this exclusive veteran discount, simply login or register at www.APOD.com.au and verify your Defence connection with APOD.