How to adjust your springs

How to adjust your springs

All Z-CoiL springs are replaceable and adjustable.

The vast majority of consumers never need to adjust the Z-CoiL from the factory setting. 

In the factory setting the springs have more resistance on the outside of our foot, which helps facilitate a normal smooth walking gain from outside heel to big toe.  The factory setting is shown below in red as: Stock Position/Normal Gait.
However if you overpronate, meaning your roll too far to the inside of your foot when you walk you may need an adjustment in Z-CoiL's.  You can often tell if your overpronate if you wear out the inside of your shoes in the forefoot.  When you overpronate your ankles, knees, and hips also over rotate which can cause pain. 
For overpronation, you can rotate the coils 90 degrees for mild overpronation adjustment or 180 degrees for severe overpronation.  See the diagram below.  If you are unsure about pronation it's best to get in touch to discuss in greater detail.



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