How to care for your Z-CoiLs

How to maintain your Z-CoiLs.

1. Avoid excessive heat.

Never leave your Z-CoiL footwear in a hot environment, like a car parked in the sun, since extreme heat can cause the forefoot cushioning to shrink and separate from the Z-Orthotic™.

2. Remove your shoes properly.

Always take your Z-CoiL shoes off by untying them first, then gripping the heel of the upper — not by standing on the rubber heel pad and prying them off your feet. This could cause the heel pad to separate from the coil.


3. Allow your shoes to air out.

To keep your shoes fresher, it’s a good idea to rotate the Z-CoiL shoes you wear and give each pair a chance to “breathe.” If you own only one pair of Z-CoiL footwear, consider buying a second pair of padded insoles that you can swap out and hand-wash as needed.


4. Clean your Z-CoiLs.

Simply wipe your shoes clean with a cloth dipped in mild, soapy water and use shoe polish to keep them shiny. For leather uppers, you may want to use a leather cleaner plus a leather conditioner to keep them smooth and supple. You can even remove and hand-wash your padded insoles in warm, soapy water and let them air-dry.​ 


5. Refresh your shoes with new insoles.

We recommend replacing your insoles every year or as needed. 

Try our Z-Fit Custom Arch Insoles, the Black Insoles or the Sidewinder sandal has its own special inserts.


6. Check your spring heels.

Firstly, check your heels are still firmly attached to the shoe. If not use a Philips Head Screw driver to tighten. 

Check the tread is sufficient.
All Z-CoiL spring heels are replaceable. Purchase new heels here. If you are not sure what springs to reorder for your shoes please call us at 0404877006.



Step 1. Remove the insole from each shoe.
Step 2. Below the insole is a "trap door." Lift up the door and tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Use caution not to strip the screw. If your springs continue to become loose you can add a non permanent thread locker to the screw.
​ VIDEO How to tighten your springs.



VIDEO How to replace your heels



If you need to resole your Z-CoiL shoes in the forefoot, please contact your local shoe cobbler or shoe repair shop.

Your Z-CoiLs should last much longer than most shoes, giving you better value as you experience incomparable comfort.

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