It is fashionable to show your springs

Black Z-CoiL Freedom shoes in fashion shoot

Z-CoiL shoes with their visible springs are getting some serious high-level fashion endorsement.
This year trendy new Los Angeles label Perfect Number ( launched featuring both the Z-CoiL Sidewinder Sandal and the black Freedoms in numerous photoshoots. I love the minimal edgy styling of their clothes with the Z-CoiLs.

Z-CoiLs are now available in London: funky new east London store is stocking Z-CoiL Freedoms and Sidewinders and styling them with colourful socks.
Currently trending in both South Korea and Japan, cool Insta models, are pairing their Z-CoiLs with expensive high fashion labels like Dolce and Gabbana, Yohi Yamamoto or Comme des Garcons for an avant-garde look. This deliberate, over the top, highly curated look works brilliantly with Z-CoiLs. One of my favourite K-fashionistas is @eurydice_leung.
In April of this year, the discussion of fashion and Coachella Festival saw Vogue discuss the popularity of Z-CoiL with the fashionistas. The Freedom in White was prominently featured in Vogue’s 1/4/19 article ‘The Ugly Shoe is Fashion’s New Festival Style Staple’. This feedback came as no surprise to Springy Feet; one of our own party-hardened customers calls her black Freedom’s “the best mosh-pit shoes ever”.
Last year Z-CoiLs were first showcased on the catwalk at London Fashion Week.  Designer Christopher Kane collaborated with Z-CoiL for his Fall/Winter 2018 show. According to media reports they were the most talked about shoes at London Fashion Week.
Kane crystal-studded both the Sidewinder Sandal and the all-leather Legends with Velcro straps. Kane said  “the shoes, like the collection itself, are at once playful, prim and perverse.”  HeraldofFashion website stated even model Bella Hadid gave her thumbs up to them; she was seen rocking a pair.
My favourite review was by Harling Ross on the highly regarded fashion website
“ I [also] want the fruits of Kane’s collaboration with the orthopedic footwear brand Z-CoiL: a magnificently clunky sneaker with a spiral booster heel that is designed to relieve foot pain. The fact that they were sent down the runway alongside plenty of sex appeal (i.e. translucent lace dresses, body-hugging silhouettes and zippered necklines) only made me love them more – a testament to Kane’s mastery of the elusive domain where sex and chic coexist”
Sure, fashion is in the eye of the beholder and I would wear my Z-CoiLs no matter what fashion dictates because they are so damn comfortable. But it is nice having the shoes endorsed by the height of the fashion world for now…  it puts even more pep in my step!




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