Perfect travel shoes

Perfect travel shoes
What makes a perfect travel shoe? Why do so many people develop foot problems like plantar fasciitis when they travel?
When Australians travel we like to make the most of it and really explore. This usually involves a lot of walking and often on surfaces we are not used to like cobblestones. Many people assume sore, tired, aching feet are just part of the experience of travelling. For others, this sudden increase in activity and on different surfaces can trigger debilitating conditions like plantar fasciitis – a painful inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of your feet.
So what should you look when you are searching for the perfect pair of shoes for travelling? Comfort and support are essential. The shoes also need to be sturdy and smart enough to wear to a nice restaurant or cultural venue.
At Springy Feet, my customers have told me the Z-Breeze is the perfect travel shoe.
No wonder, the Z-Breeze has:
  • a spring in the heel working like a shock absorber for your feet and body;
  • a built in orthotic;
  • lots of cushioning for your metatarsal heads;
  • a generous toe box;
  • a flex line and a forefoot rocker bottom to provide a natural rolling motion at the ball of the foot;
  • a slip resistant sole;
  • an adjustable Velcro strap to hold the shoe firmly to your foot; and
  • an all leather upper with some cut outs to let your feet breathe and look smart.
This style works with pants, leggings, dresses and skirts. Now the cobblestones won’t stop you shopping and seeing the sights…
Another customer believes the Prime Boot is the perfect travel shoe. On a recent trip to Venice to coincide with the Venice Biennale, she only took her Prime boots – nothing else. They took her from pavilion to pavilion, gallery to gallery, bars to restaurants to more bars. In her own words:
 “Thanks to Springy Feet I'm still springing around Venice after 2 weeks, walking between 7 and 10 kms, sometimes more, each day!​"



Whether it is a hiking holiday or a capital city business trip, you will find a Z-CoiL style to suit your needs.
The only time you have to remove your shoes is when you need to pass through a metal detector for security, for example at an airport. The security staff will either already know about Z-CoiL shoes or be surprised to see the metal springs in your heels and want to ask you how comfortable they are and where can they get some! Tell them


I recently discovered a wonderful, independent, American website with tips on travelling to Europe. They too recommend Z-CoiLs as the best travel shoes. See ​


On our recent holiday to Thailand, Simon and I only wore our Sidewinder Sandals. ​The kids had trouble keeping up with us!

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